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Keeping milk cool isn’t new for us.

But what is new?
You can now buy our chillers directly from Pro Chiller System.

Pioneers of the process of instant cooling raw milk.

Company president and co-founder, Jim VanderGiessen Sr. pioneered the process of Instant Cooling milk prior to it reaching the milk tank early in the 1990s when dairies started to consolidate and the herd sizes exploded. The Pro Chiller System was essentially developed only because the alternative chiller systems available at the time simply didn’t work as efficiently or reliably as the customer needed.

With three generations of VanderGiessens raised in and around the dairy industry—one thing that Pro understands is that with, or without, cooling, the cows are going to get milked. With Instant Cooling, the need for a quality chiller system is even more critical because you only have one opportunity to cool the milk. The Chiller System has to be reliable, include redundancy, and do the job it was designed to do.

A partnership for the ages.

Back then, Pro and GEA Farm Technologies (formerly Babson Brothers Company) created a partnership agreement where Pro manufactures exclusively for GEA for all raw milk/on farm cooling applications.

But now, more than 20 years later, Pro is available for all equipment dealers in the dairy industry to buy Chillers directly from Pro.

If you want to keep buying from GEA, by all means. But if you’re an equipment dealer and there’s no rep where you live, you can now contact us directly. And if we don’t have the chiller you need in stock, we’ll build one just for you. But, we’re pretty sure that once you see our new line of chillers, you’ll want one.

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