RGX Communications Card


The RGX Communication Card was created to be a communication hub for the CR110 Refrigeration Card and the ER110 Evaporator Controller. The RGX card can communicate with up to 10 devices through an RS-485 communications bus. The data obtained through these devices is made available through a web-interface served from the RGX’s embedded web server.

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· Secure Web Access– To View Performance and Modify System Parameters, including Set Point, Inlet Temperature, Outlet Temperature, Discharge Pressure, Suction Pressure, and Suction Superheat.

· Generates Emails– Emails can be sent from the RGX card for system alerts and reports.

· Tie Into Existing PLCs– The RGX can provide data to an exisitng PLC through Modbus RTU (RS-232 or RS-485) and Modbus TCP.

· Creates Historical Logs– Historical reports can be created to show chiller performance.

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