V Piston Series 6x50 HP
Pro Chiller Model: PB650B146R82000-V-V*


120/1/60 230/1/60 230/3/60 460/3/60
MCA N/A N/A 1355 683
MOP N/A N/A 1547 780

System Data

Dimensions 472"L x 98"W x 119"H Controls Microprocessor
Frame Coated Steel Electrical Enclosure NEMA 4
Housing Galv Sheet Metal Shipping Weight 22000 LBS
Tank 2000 Gal Operating Weight 39000 LBS
Compressor 50 HP DB @ 1M 87
Condenser Air Cooled Refrigerant R448A/R449A
Circulation Pump 7.5 HP BTUH @ 20 °F, 90 °F Ambient 1794000
Process Pump 7.5 HP BTUH @ 25 °F, 90 °F Ambient 2034000
Glycol Connection Size 3 IN BTUH @ 30 °F, 90 °F Ambient 2298000
HX Brazed Plate BTUH @ 35 °F, 90 °F Ambient 2586000
Expansion Fittings 4 ea 3 IN BTUH @ 20 °F, 100 °F Ambient 1608000
    BTUH @ 25 °F, 100 °F Ambient 1830000
    BTUH @ 30 °F, 100 °F Ambient 2076000
    BTUH @ 35 °F, 100 °F Ambient 2340000

Chiller Specifications

Chiller Package includes the following:
Compressor Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors.
Condenser High efficiency V coil micro tube air cooled condenser.
Condenser Fans High efficiency AC external rotor motors with 100% speed control and sickle-shaped blades with serrated trailing edges.
Evaporator High efficiency brazed plate evaporator with electronic expansion valves.
Glycol Pump Dual stainless steel centrifugal pump configuration with dedicated process and internal circulation pump.
Storage Tank High Density Polyethylene Insulated Storage Tank.
Control Panel ETL/UL 508A rating with on/off switches, indicators lights, motor starters, non-fused main electrical disconnect.
Factory Tested Each system factory charged with refrigerant and tested under load at design operating temperatures.
Enclosure Coated welded structural steel frame with hinged service panels.
Control System TCC Microprocessor controller with touchscreen interface. Web based remote monitoring, control, with alarm notifcations as standard.
Warranty Warranty - From date of shipment: 24 Months defective parts and 12 months labor