Pro Refrigeration Featured During AWS Industrial Web Day

By Jeanna Baxter White

As smart devices transform age-old industry practices, Pro Refrigeration is revolutionizing the chiller industry
with its Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform, PROElliot™.

Pro Refrigeration General Manager Jon Riesenweber joined Amazon Web Services (AWS) Moderator Prabha Ganapathy and Jason Burch of ThingLogix during AWS Industrial Web Day on July 21st to discuss how the company is helping breweries, wineries, and dairy farms effectively manage temperature-sensitive products with PROElliot.

He explained that it was CEO Jim VanderGiessen’s chance encounter with an AWS sales manager who shared the IoT’s impact on the industries Pro serves that started the company’s desire to create an intuitive serverless cloud-based solution.

“One of our core principles which has helped us advance innovation in our products is that we are very customer-centric. Our customer obsession drives our focus on providing the best-in-class experience for everyone who interacts with our products,” Riesenweber said.

Pro Refrigeration partnered with ThingLogix and AWS for nearly four years to develop the platform. That partnership has enabled Pro access to both key resources and new and emerging IoT technologies. Utilizing the ThingLogix Foundry platform, a modern serverless solution running on AWS, Pro is providing its customers with valuable insight into their cold chain processes using advanced analytics, remote monitoring, and management through smart-connected devices.

“PROElliot is a highly customizable platform. We use a wide range of hardware and sensor options to connect and translate industrial protocols to third-party assets and display all the data in the PROElliot dashboard.”

During his presentation, Riesenweber showed the PROElliot dashboard and demonstrated how the platform provides dairy customers with a direct and secure portal to their chiller system data, allowing them to verify paper chart recordings, and remotely control, monitor, troubleshoot, and manage their chiller system through an intuitive dashboard from anywhere. The same information is available on a companion mobile application for both iOS and Android.

“Considering that more than 30% of the nation’s milk supply is cooled by Pro Refrigeration equipment, and the importance of temperature to its safety and viability, being able to verify the temperature throughout the entire production process using IoT is a game-changer for the dairy industry,” he said.

Pro Refrigeration is now advancing the application to be able to predictively alert customers to needed maintenance and possible equipment failures before they occur.

“We will be able to provide customers with information and alerts about incidents that might happen if they don’t take action. We think that this predictive ability will lead the way to a smart facility approach where customers will be able to use the data to make real-time adjustments to a process to ensure optimal outcomes,” said Riesenweber.

“PROElliot has far-reaching potential and we are excited about those opportunities and what the future holds.”

The full AWS Industrial Web Day segment can be found on Pro Refrigeration’s YouTube Channel.

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