Jim VanderGiessen Sr., Founder and Company President, was one of the first to identify the changing Dairy market from family farms to the large milk factories we see today. He knew the volume of milk being produced on these farms would simply be impossible to cool and an alternative method had to be developed. He spent decades purchasing equipment, modifying, and testing different ideas and designs. Ultimately realizing the answer was to start a manufacturing company. Today there are few that know and understand the process of cooling milk better than Pro Refrigeration Inc. Pro is one of the leading manufacturers of Dairy Chiller Systems in the United States. Our products are distributed worldwide via GEA Westfalia Surge Company under the trademarked KoolWay™ Chiller Systems product name.

Dairies have multiple uses for chilled glycol including:

  • Instant Milk Cooling-
    Chilled glycol is circulated through a plate heat exchanger.
  • Storage Tank Cooling-
    Chilled glycol is circulated through a storage tank cooling jacket for maintaining milk temperature.

Dairies also utilize our coaxial Heat Recovery Units. Heat that would normally be rejected to the outside air is recovered and used to preheat water and/or their building.
All of our chiller systems are available with refrigerant R404A, a CFC free alternative to Refrigerant R-22.