Pro has built numerous systems to provide cooling to MRI machines and various Medical applications.
Medical / MRI applications use chilled glycol in the following ways:

  • MRI Glycol Cooling-
    Circulating Chilled Glycol to MRI preventing system failures.
  • City Water / Glycol Water Switchover Panel-
    Pro produces a cooling medium switchover panel that will automatically switch from glycol water to city water in the event of a system problem.
  • Room Cooling-
    It can be difficult to provide tight tolerance temperature control with Direct Expansion Refrigeration Evaporators. Many building designers will specify that critical care rooms are cooled with chilled glycol coils to provide accurate control.

Medical / MRI applications can also utilize our coaxial Heat Recovery Units. Heat that would normally be rejected to the outside air is recovered and used to preheat water and/or their facility.
All of our chiller systems are available with refrigerant R404A, a CFC free alternative to Refrigerant R-22.

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