3ST1H2CPR2 – Goulds NPE Pump – Three Phase, 3HP


Product: Goulds Three Phase (230/3/60 and 460/3/60) 3 HP 3500 RPM Pump.
Model Number: 3ST1H2CPR2
Formerly: 3ST1H2A4, 3ST1H2APR1, 3ST1H2C4, 3ST1H2D4

Impeller Diameter: 4.75″


Most commonly used for:

Optional Upsized Process Pump in Pro MA Series Systems Dual 8HP through Dual 13.5HP HP Chiller Capacity
Optional Upsized Process Pump in Pro V Scroll / V Piston Series Systems 2×10 through 2×22 HP Chiller Capacity

Used In:

GB110F3R4250-A-VC, GB110F3R4250-A-VD, GB120F5R4250-A-VD, GB130F7R4250-A-VC, GB130F7R4250-A-VD, GB230F14R4550-A-VC, GB230F14R4550-A-VD, GX605F6R4130-X-VD,  PB110F3R4250-A-VD, PB120F5R4250-A-VC, PB120F5R4250-A-VD, PB130F7R4250-A-VC, PB130F7R4CL-A-VC, PB130F7R4CL-A-VD, PB230F14R4550-A-VD, PB230F14R4550-A-VC, PB230F14R4CL-A-VC, PB230F14R4CL-A-VD

Goulds NPE Instruction Manual – Click Here
The Authorized Goulds Technical Brochure can be found at at the following link – Technical Brochure
You can find the Official Goulds Repair Manual at the following link – Repair Manual
Looking for additional information, you can find FAQ’s, Support, and Manuals at – MyChiller.com

Additional information

Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 17 in

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