KOOLWAY® T-8 Plate Cooler – Plate Heat Exchanger. Made in USA by GEA Westfalia Surge Efficient Heat transfer pre-cools your milk.
• Pre-cools milk with well water, potable cold tap water, chilled water or chilled glycol.
• Floor or wall mounting.
• Durable, easy cleaning design. Saves money on electric costs by removing 1/3 or more of the heat from your milk. This reduces run time of your milk tank compressors while extending the life of your cooling system.
Ideal for medium to large size dairy farms and smaller milk processors Dual pass model maximizes the cooling ability of your incoming water because milk passes by the coldest water twice before exiting to the milk tank. Most efficient heat transfer.  Features all stainless steel construction  long life. Bolts and endplates are all stainless steel. Proven design is efficient and saves money on cooling costs.