PROFormer Glycol Heat Exchanger Model MSA47A-0885BC


Product Datasheet

Heat Exchanger ratings based on 33% propylene glycol supplied at 28°F.

Capacity @ 10F TD (BTUH) 50,000
Flow Requirement 25.0
Pressure Drop (PSI) 5.01
CFM 15600
Number of Fans 4
Dimensions: L x W x H (including fan guard) 168.50 x 26.25 x 26.625
Standard Voltage: 230V/3ph/60hz (Voltage can be changed per request)


Additional Options


Pro is excited to partner with the team at Hussman to offer the PROFormer Glycol Heat Exchanger Line. These coils are designed to cool and maintain your cold storage rooms to within 10°F of your glycol operating temperatures.

Additional Option Note: Multiple Solenoid Valves can be controlled by a single thermostat.

Additional information

Weight 560 lbs
Dimensions 168.50 × 26.25 × 26.625 in

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