Pro V Piston Series 100 HP (2X50 HP) Packaged Air Cooled Glycol Chiller System

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Including Additional Options:

ProElliot Cellular
Extreme Low Ambient Protection
Backup 7.5 HP Circ Pump
15 HP Process Pump w/ backup 15 HP
VFD on Process Pump


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Pro V Piston Series 100 HP (2X50 HP) Packaged Air Cooled Glycol Chiller System

Pro’s Heavy Duty Workhorse, the V Piston series is designed to give your operation unparalleled capacity, redundancy, and expandability. All V Piston systems are purpose-built for future expansion.
High efficiency V Series Condensers
Center baffled glycol tank
Stainless steel evaporators with electronic expansion valves
Stainless steel pumps
Expansion ports to add chiller capacity in the future if ever needed
Total Cool Control (TCC) automatically manages efficiency of chiller operation

This unit was configured with several optional upgrades, outlined below :

• Extreme Low Ambient Protection to operate below in 0F Ambient Temperatures

• Electronically Commutated (EC) Fan Motors – High efficiency fan motors increase and decrease speed based on cooling load

• Upsized Process Pump From 7.5 HP to 15 HP With Variable Frequency Drive – Increased flow to process loop, with control to maintain consistent pressure throughout operation

• Backup 15 HP Process Pump – Redundancy for pump supplying glycol to process loop

• Backup 7.5 HP Circulation Pump – Redundancy for pump serving refrigeration circuit to maintain glycol reservoir setpoint

• Glycol Reservoir Size Increased From 550 to 1,000 Gallons – Providing additional thermal buffer and further readies the system for future expansion

• ProElliot Cellular – Remotely control, monitor, troubleshoot, and manage your chiller system through an intuitive dashboard from anywhere. Connected via Cellular or Ethernet Cable, the ProElliot dashboard also displays real time and historical chiller operational data and sent notifications via email if it senses that something on the chiller should be addressed.

Cooling Capacity:

• BTUH @ 20 °F, 90 °F Ambient – 602800
• BTUH @ 25 °F, 90 °F Ambient – 681700
• BTUH @ 30 °F, 90 °F Ambient – 768100
• BTUH @ 35 °F, 90 °F Ambient – 862500

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