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Jim VanderGiessen, Jr.
Jim VanderGiessen, Jr.CEO

Pro does offer onsite Field Start Up on every Chiller System we sell. In fact, a 3 Day Startup and Operation Training is included on our larger V Screw Series. If you are interested in scheduling a Field Start Up, please ask your Sales Engineer for a detailed price quote.

For Service and Maintenance, Pro has partnered with a network of Regional Service Partners to provide emergency service and Factory approved maintenance support to our customers. If you need a local service partner to help service and maintain your chiller system, please contact our Technical Team and they can refer you to a Certified Service Partner in your region.

Absolutely, most of our customers keep their current service partners to help install and take care of their new system. If your contractor is indeed “great” and interested in becoming a Pro Certified Service Partner, please have them contact our Technical Team. We can provide them an application and schedule a meeting with our Technical Team to get them setup.  Most of the contractors in our Service Partner network were recommended by customers.

Absolutely not, we only request that the warranty procedure for repair and troubleshooting is followed and your service technician needs to be qualified. We request our Technical Team be involved from the start, any repairs are preapproved, and we stay involved until the issue is resolved. Our goal is to minimize down time, assure that the system is serviced correctly, and when the repair is completed we are assured the system is operating per our specifications.

This is definitely NOT true and whoever told you this is misinformed (or just not honest). Almost every chiller system we manufacture is supplied with expansion fittings to accommodate adding Expansion Chiller Modules in the future.

We refer to our expansion modules as the Pro Classic Series, essentially our standard packaged chiller system without the glycol storage tank or process pump.

The Pro Classic Series Expansion Module circulates and chills glycol from the existing glycol tank on your primary chiller system.

The two Chiller System Series (our Chill&Flow and ChilStar Series) that are not “expandable,” can also be easily retrofitted to become Expansion Modules in the field and tied into any of our larger, expandable, chillers.

We love to show people our two facilities and have hosted hundreds of groups from trade school classes, to customers, to local business professional groups. Please send me an email if you’d like to schedule a time to tour one or both of our locations and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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You can purchase any replacement part directly from Pro (please call us or visit but there are very few proprietary parts that can only be purchased from us. In fact, 99% of all replacement parts can be purchased locally, or an alternative can generally be cross referenced and located. Our 24/7/365 On-Call Technical Team will even help you find parts locally if you are ever in a spot where you need it.

Our single proprietary component is our Total Cooling Control Card (TCC). We began development of our TCC Card more than 15 years ago because there simply wasn’t anything available that provided the following features our customers needed:

  • complete redundancy, dedicated card for each circuit
  • remote web based monitoring with alarm notification and historical records
  • detailed system control with self-diagnostic and troubleshooting tools
  • easy to program and service.

Like our chillers, we’ve invested heavily in the development of our TCC Cards. We continuously put these up against other products to insure we are still offering the best solution. We recently had a visit by a leading control company (who many of our competitors use). After seeing a demo of our card, they jokingly said they “hated us” and were jealous of the TCC’s features that we can offer. This is a true story.

In the unlikely event that a TCC control card does fail, we’ve not only designed in features to allow the card to operate in manual emergency modes, but also offer replacements at a very fair price (current price $426 EA). Our business is focused on manufacturing chiller systems and we have no interest in holding customers hostage with proprietary components sold at unfair prices.

One last thing, if you still have concerns–we will gladly replace the TCC (and all the great features it offers) at no additional cost for a basic controls package that utilizes an “off the shelf temperature controller” and mechanical controls.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this.- Jim

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