California Dairy Installs CO2 Chiller System

January 10, 2023
South Creek Dairy embraced environmentally friendly milk cooling and water heating
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California Dairy Farmer Installs PRO Refrigeration’s CO2 Chiller, Following Uncle’s Example

December 5, 2022
South Creek Dairy, a dairy farm based in Earlmart, California (U.S.), has finished commissioning a 100HP CO2 (R744)-based chiller system from PRO...
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Southern California Dairy Goes Green with Install of CO2-Charged Chiller System

November 17, 2022
Southern California Dairy Goes Green with Installation of CO2-Charged Chiller System South Creek Dairy worked directly with San Joaquin Valley...
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2022 NC Brewers Cup Competition Results

September 30, 2022
2022 NC Brewers Cup Competition Results NC’s largest beer style competition releases results. 2022 marked the 11th anniversary of the...
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North America’s First CO2 Transcritical Chiller w/ Damon Reed

September 6, 2022
  Pro Refrigeration's COO Damon Reed speaks on creating the first C02 Transcritical Packaged Chiller in North America.  
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Danfoss Awards Pro Refrigeration With 2022 Envioneer of the Year Award

September 2, 2022
Launched in 2010, the annual EnVisioneer of the Year award competition recognizes North American original equipment manufacturers, building owners, municipalities, contractors and...
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