Machine and Process Cooling



Machine and Process Cooling Applications typically require a higher leaving fluid temperature than our other segments which can make it easier to design the equipment, but not without big challenges and the applications any less critical.

Pro has worked with hundreds of companies for applications ranging from servicing an individual milling machine for an aerospace company to an ammunitions manufacturer servicing a complete line of shell casing machines.

Here are a few of the applications we’ve been challenged to provide a cooling solution for:

· Medical/MRI Resources
· Frozen Yogurt and Soft Serve Equipment
· Machine Shops
· Lasers
· Plastic Mold Injection
· Room Humidity Control
· Environmental Test Chambers
· Concrete Cooling
· Cosmetics
· And more

Do you need help with a Machine or Process Cooling Application?

Please contact our sales engineers. We’d love to learn about your process and provide a cooling solution.