Denali Brewing & Spirits Makes the “Natural” Choice With PRO Refrigeration

To support their Climate Pledge Arena contract, Denali Brewing & Spirits taps PRO Refrigeration to provide cooling capacity.


Denali Brewing Company and Denali Spirits partner with Pro Refrigeration following the announcement of Denali’s newly created ready-to-drink cocktails being named the official canned cocktail at Climate Pledge Arena, home of the NHL Seattle Kraken. Pro Refrigeration will provide the cooling capacity to support Denali’s new product line and allow their circa 2013, 40 HP PROChiller System, to move into a backup role.

The chiller system is a part of Pro Refrigeration’s line of systems using natural-based refrigerants instead of traditional chemical-based refrigerants. Pro Refrigeration currently offers the 100 HP R744/CO2 Model in their standard product offering, with, or without, a propylene glycol-based coolant reservoir, with a capacity of 750 or 2000 gallons.

“Most chemical-based chillers have a Global Warming Potential rating at 3,900, the PROGreen CO2 drops the GWP to 1, the baseline measurement for a product’s potential environmental impact over 100 years,” said Jim Vandergiessen, CEO and co-founder of Pro Refrigeration.

Pro Refrigeration recently commissioned its first CO2-powered chiller in California, proving the huge benefits this natural refrigerant-based system offers in lower operating costs and increased operating efficiency.

“Jim explained how well the natural-based system was performing in California, and how it is optimized with variable capacity control to significantly reduce our power consumption,” said Sassan Mossanen, Denali CEO, “That gets an Alaskan’s attention. The fact that this system reduces our carbon impact. The environmental impacts and the free heat recovery this will deliver are two reasons we went this direction.”

Pro Refrigeration and Denali began working together in 2009 with a small 3 HP Chiller System located in the original brewery in downtown Talkeetna. Pro Refrigeration has since supplied Denali with numerous chiller systems as they grew and expanded to their state-of-the-art production brewery and distillery. The most recent system is 100 HP, supplied with dual compressors, redundant coolant pumps, and a 750-gallon dual-chamber glycol coolant reservoir.

“I can’t think of a better way to protect the environment and promote Denali’s ongoing sustainability initiatives than by partnering with Pro Refrigeration to significantly reduce the impact of our production processes on the environment. We are fortunate enough to operate in one of the most pristine environments on the planet and we intend to protect it,” Sassan Mossanen.

“Denali has always made us better by bringing us some great challenges,” Vandergiessen recalled. “We can’t wait to see this new system in operation, and are proud to see Denali become one of the first breweries in the country to take this big step to CO2 as a refrigerant.”

Another key partner in this project is Arctic Refrigeration, from Anchorage, Alaska. Service Manager, Duke Brandt, will be traveling to Mocksville, N.C., for system commissioning and training. Pro Refrigeration will also have a team of techs onsite in Talkeetna for field commissioning.

PRO is inviting Industry members in the region, including the members of the NCBrewers Guild and NCWine Groups, to their Mocksville, NC, Facility to see the new PROGreen System and meet the team from Alaska on Wednesday, April 27, from 3 – 6 PM ET. Please visit the PRO Facebook page for details.


About Pro Refrigeration

Auburn, Wash.-based Pro Refrigeration, Inc., is the leading cooling technology and equipment company for craft fermented beverages and dairy in the US. The company provides innovative solutions for cannabis, food processing, and machine and process cooling with a complete product offering from ¾ to 300 HP serving applications that require chilled fluid from –45 F to +45 F. Pro also has a network of regional salespeople serving in each corner of the US. Visit for more information.

About Denali Brewing & Spirits

Denali Brewing Company is an employee-owned microbrewery that opened in 2009 in Talkeetna, Alaska where it strives to produce the highest quality beer possible. We at Denali Brewing know that our success is held in great part by the passion and love that our brewers put into their craft. Denali Spirits was the natural progression from this endeavor: truly handcrafted to the highest standard, placing our products at the forefront of premium spirits.

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