Mark Pallito, Owner of MSP Industrial Refrigeration, wasn’t quite sure why Jim VanderGiessen, CEO of Pro Refrigeration, was pressuring him to travel from Wayne, NJ to the Pro Refrigeration HQ in Auburn, WA. Mark has worked with Pro Refrigeration for several years, installing, servicing, and selling their Packaged Chiller Systems to the Craft Beer Market all across the Eastern United States.

Instead of arriving to take part in an advanced training class (as he was told), Mark was surprised by being awarded the 5 Star Service Partner of the Year Award as Pro’s Top Installation and Service Partner for 2012.

Jim VanderGiessen shared, “Mark has not only been our ‘go-to guy’ for any and all installation projects along the eastern seaboard, Mark has helped us out immensely addressing emergency repair issues as well as providing us some great product feedback and design assistance to improve our products. He is probably one of the leading “Chiller Techs” in the world, and we are proud to have him as a part of our team.”

MSP Industrial Refrigeration is based in Wayne, NJ. In addition to the Craft Beer Market, Mark travels around the world working on chiller applications of all sorts including the pharmaceutical, bioengineering, food processing, and many others. For more information on MSP Industrial, please visit their website at

Pro Refrigeration, Inc. is a 50 person manufacturing company with headquarters in Auburn, WA. Pro is a leading supplier of packaged chiller systems to the Craft Brewery, Winery, Distillery, Dairy, and Food Processing markets around the world. For more information on Pro Refrigeration, please visit their website at