Chill&Flow™ Series

  • Markets– The CHILL&FLOW was designed specifically to meet the needs of Nano-Breweries, Boutique Wineries and Small Plant Distilleries. The system is also designed with operating temperature range from +20 F to +45 F and can be utilized on a wide range of custom chiller applications.
  • Simplicity– The system operation is true to it’s name just plug it in (115 Volt standard and 220 Volt units available) and push the buttons CHILL&FLOW. Easy service access makes changing the operating temperature a snap as well as providing complete service access to the entire system.
  • Features– 
*115V power allows for connection easily within your facility.
*A small footprint allows for easy storage without tying up your facilities floor space.
*Two pump system to provide independent circulation and process loop.
*Optional accessories for mobility are available.

Packaged Air Cooled – CHILL&FLOW™ Series 3/4HP