In the past decade most large bakeries have transitioned from cooling their dough mixers directly with refrigerant to cooling them with Chilled Glycol solution. In addition to providing a solution for mixer cooling, Pro can provide: chilled potable water, ingrediator (ingredient mixer), room, and liquid yeast cooling. The Pro catalog has provided chiller systems for the smallest artisan bakeries, bun factory for a leading fast food chain, to large regional bakeries supplying products across the United States.


In the past bakeries would utilize mixers with fluorocarbon carbon refrigerant cooled jackets. Although efficient, these mixers were a source of problems resulting with leaking refrigerant. As EPA Regulations began to crack down, the Bakery Industry developed their own standards agreeing to disconnect the refrigerant from these mixers and instead circulate chilled glycol. This eliminated any refrigerant leak issues or product safety issues, and immediately created a huge new market for glycol chiller systems.

We have worked with a wide variety of bakeries; from large industrial plants to small tortilla factories.

Bakeries have multiple uses for chilled glycol including:

  • Mixer Cooling-
    Chilled glycol is circulated through a cooling jacket to control the dough-out temperature, Critical to any baker.
  • Sponge Cooling-
    Chilled glycol is circulated through a plate heat exchanger, cooling Sponge.
  • Chilled Potable Water-
    Provide 34-35° F Chilled Potable Water from our standard mixer chiller system.
  • Liquid Yeast Cooling-The liquid yeast is stored in jacketed tanks and it is critical to control their temperatures.

Bakeries also utilize our coaxial Heat Recovery Units. Heat that would normally be rejected to the outside air is recovered and used to preheat water and/or their building.
All of our chiller systems are available with refrigerant R404A, a CFC free alternative to Refrigerant R-22.

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